Dental Surgeon, MSc in Prosthetics and Implantology, AUTH
Mastership in Laser Dentistry, AAZL, Aachen University, DE


Last update: March, 2013


Education before becoming a dentist:

1993-1996: High School in Aridaia, Greece - Graduation grade: 20 / 20

1996-1997: Pharmaceutical school of AUTH

Dentistry education:

1997-2003: Dentistry school,

AUTH-Graduation grade: Very Good

2003-2007: Postgraduate education in Fixed Prosthetics and Prosthetic Implants - Diploma degree: Excellent  

10/2015: Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Certificate, AAZL

10/2015- 9/2016: Mastership Programme “ Laser Therapy in Dentistry” ,
AachenDental Kaser Center (AAZL) and RWTH International Academy



Working professionaly (Dental Association of Pella, AM 125) as a dentist since April, 2003


  • 18th Panhellenic Endodontics Syposium, Thessaloniki
  • 32nd Panhellenic Dentist Congress, Alexandroupolis
  • Meeting of the Dentists Asscosication of Pella, with the subject: «Dental treatment of patients with healt issues …»
  • 31st Pahellenic Dentist Congress, Thessaloniki
  • DentalXP webinars
  • 2nd postgraduate seminar, with the subject: «Preparation of root tubes with Ni-Ti (Protaper) motor systems and blocking with hot gutta-percha», Dental School AUTH
  • Annual Conference on "Quality in Dental Practice"
  • 28th Panhellenic Dental Congress, Thessaloniki
  • 16th National Endodontic Symposium, on the subject «General Dentist & Endodontics. Reflections on daily dental practice. "
  • 42nd Annual Meeting of the Hellenic Dental Association, Veria
  • SEVE seminar on "The feasibility of aesthetics and functionality", Thessaloniki
  • SEVE Annual Conference on "The use of modern materials and techniques in the restoration of the aesthetic zone of the mouth", Thessaloniki
  • 26th Panhellenic Dental Congress, Athens
  • 11th Congress of the BaSS, Serajevo
  •  Customized Education Program, Astra Tech, Götenburg, Sweden
  •  Annual Conference of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Hellenic Republic of Greece on "Bad - Dry - Pain - Smoking", Thessaloniki
  • 25th Panhellenic Dental Congress, Larissa
  • 11th meeting of the ICP, Crete, Greece
  •  11th Scientific Conference of Medical Students of Greece, Alexandroupolis
  •  Annual Conference at SEVE, Thessaloniki
  • Congresul international de Dentistry Pentru Student as Tineri Medici, Cluj-Napoca
  • 8th Panhellenic Congress of Orthodontic Society of Greece, Thessaloniki
  • 24th Panhellenic Dental Congress, Thessaloniki
  •  Conference of the Dental Association of Thessaloniki on "The dental practice from the perspective of the general dentist"
  •  SEVE Conference on "Sports and Preventive Dentistry", Thessaloniki
  •  Conference on "Materials and Medicines in Modern Dental Practice"
  •  Endodontics Workshop on "Mechanical Extension of Radial Pipes. New systems and new developments in space »
  •  Second Prosthetic Seminar, Thessaloniki
  •  9th Scientific Conference of Medical Students of Greece, Athens
  • Periodontics Seminar on "Periodontal Aesthetics"
  • Greek Red Cross First Aid Seminar
  •  Seminar on "Prescription and medication in dental practice"
  •  Seminar on "New Technologies in Dentistry"
  •  Scientific Meeting of the Dental Association of Thessaloniki on "Dental Care for Disabled People and General Diseases", Thessaloniki
  •  6th Panhellenic Congress of Orthodontics, Thessaloniki
  • 14th Panhellenic AIDS Congress
  •  1st Prosthetic Seminar, Thessaloniki
  •  Implantology Session, Thessaloniki
  • 12th National Endodontic Symposium, Thessaloniki
  • Seminar on Periodontics, Thessaloniki
  • Seminar "Dental Osteosynthetic Implants", Thessaloniki
  • Workshop "Fluorine - The Reliable Weapon of Preventive Dentistry in Classic and New Applications"
  •  Stomatology workshop
  •  21st Panhellenic Dental Congress, Thessaloniki
  •  International Seminar on Cosmetic Dentistry, Thessaloniki
  •  Symposium: Congestion - Epidemiology and etiology of periodontal diseases - Renaissance techniques, Thessaloniki
  •  Theoretical and practical seminar on implantology, ASTRA system, Macedonia Palace Thessaloniki
  •  4th Panhellenic Congress of Orthodontics, Macedonia Palace, Thessaloniki
  •  Seminar on "Disorders of the Stomach and Nervous System", Macedonia Palace, Thessaloniki
  •  1st Scientific Conference of Dental Students of AUTH, Thessaloniki



  • 2/3/2010: "Treating Aesthetic Problems of Periodontal Tissues Using Prosthetic Methods", SEVE Annual Conference, Aridea
  • Issue 16, October - December 2008, Beautiful Teeth, p.8, "Stories of Stomatology: Making a Difference ..."
  • October 23-26, 2008: "Short Dental Bow: Information Level, Experience and Opinions of Dentists in Greece", 28th Panhellenic Dental Conference, Thessaloniki
  • 8/9/207: "Ten Clinical Questions Related to the Relationship Between Feasible and Required for Prosthetic Restoration Are Awaiting Answers", Round Table, 42nd Annual Meeting of the Greek Dental Association, Veria
  • 5-8 / 9/2007: Prosthetic Management of Periodontal Hard and Soft Lossin Fixed and Implant Prosthodontics, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Issue 3rd 2007, Mouth; 35: 223-231, "The Short Dental Bow as a Free-End Rear Therapy Plan: A Review of the Literature"
  • April - June 2007 issue, Greek Dental Times 51 (2): 119-126, "Study of postgraduate education in 5-year students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki"
  • 2-5 / 11/2006: "The Short Dental Bow as a Solution for Prosthetic Rehabilitation in the Backbone", 26th Panhellenic Dental Conference, Athens
  • 2-5 / 11/2006: "Pollution control in dental laboratories: level of information, collaboration with dentists and daily practice", 26th Panhellenic Dental Conference, Athens
  • 2-5 / 11/2006: "Prosthetic Records Records - the Link between Clinical and Laboratory Procedures", 26th Panhellenic Dental Conference, Athens
  • 2-5 / 11/2006: "Treating Aesthetic Problems of Periodontal Tissues Using Prosthetic Methods", 26th Panhellenic Dental Conference, Athens
  • 2-5 / 11/2006: "Evaluation of Voice Tests as Extremely Useful Clinical Trial for Functional and Aesthetic Prosthetic Rehabilitation", 26th Panhellenic Dental Conference, Athens
  • 11-14 / 5/2006: "Diagnosis and treatment planning for patients with attrition, abrasion and erosion", 11th BASS Conference, Serajevo
  • 26/2/2006: "Pollution Control in Dental Laboratories", Thessaloniki Dental Association's Meeting
  • 13-15 / 5/2005: "Regulatory mechanisms of the morphogenesis and development of the temporomandibular structure", Alexandroupolis, 11th Scientific Conference of Medical Students of Greece.
  • 13-15 / 5/2005: "Dental Informatics: Applications in Daily Clinical Practice", Alexandroupolis, 11th Scientific Conference of Medical Students of Greece.
  • 31 / 3-3 / 4/2005: «Dental Informatics: Applications in Everyday Dental Practice», Congratulatory International de Stomatologie Pentru Student de Tineri Medici, Cluj-Napoca



  •   Member of the Dental Company of North Greece
  •   Member of the Greek Preventive Dentistry Company
  •   Member of the Greek Scientific Company of Dentistry Students
  •   Member of the Dental Association of Pella



  • Schollarsip of the EPEAK II Program, fot the academic performance during the Postgraduate Program (27/1/2005)
  • Praise for graduating by the AUTH Dental School Graduates Association and award as "Second Most Excellent" (8/4/2003)
  • Praises and awards during all the education years
  • National reprentation int the European Council, within the EUROSCOLA program, after a paper challenge
  • Praise by the PALSO assocaition for the performance in the English Language Examination



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